Second-Hand Machines: Updated List


1RV474SCHUMAGCombined drawing machine KZ RP I A
2KIESERLINGCombined drawing machine DM 6,5
3RV535SCHUMAGCombined drawing machine KZ RP 0B
4SCHUMAGCascade with KZRP IIB/15 - KZRP IIB/15 - KZRP IIB/10
5RV547KIESERLING3+6 Roll straightener VRUWN 120
6BRONXTwo-Roll straightener PBR8 type
7BRONXTwo-Roll straightener PBR6 type
8RV475WYKOTwo-Roll straightener WV.BR.6 P type
9RV529KIESERLINGTwo-Roll straightener WRPH 50 type
10RV498KIESERLINGPeeling Machine WDH 20
11RV511SCHUMAGStraightening & Polishing machine II B Size
12RV546Horizontal Pay-Off
13RV526SCHUMAGHorizontal pre-straightener Gr. III
14RV527SCHUMAGHorizontal pre-straightener driven Gr. III
15RV528SCHUMAGVertical pre-straightener driven Gr. III
16RV530SCHUMAGHorizontal pre-straightener driven Gr. II
17RV446SCHUMAGVertical pre-straightener Gr. IB
18RV447SCHUMAGVertical pre-straightener Gr. IB
19RV448SCHUMAGVertical pre-straightener Gr. IB
20RV491Horizontal straightener
21RV463SCHUMAGChamfering machine F1
22RV496OTTO P. MOLTChamfering machine AF - 755
23RV506Horizontal pay-off
24RV267Hydraulic Pointing machine
25RV470Hydraulic Pointing Machine
26RV481KROLLMANNHydraulic Tube Pointer HRA 4/65
27RV482Hydraulic Tube Pointer
28RV408KROLLMANNPointing Machine mod. AW 0 1A
29RV469KROLLMANNPointing Machine DWU - 3/L
30RV464BULTMANNPointing Machine Gr.1
31RV465ASMAGPointing Machine
32RV008S.A.S.Straightening machine
33RV436SCHUMAGMechanical flying shear Gr.0
34RV367GEORGFlying Shear LILIPUT 150 WSS
36RV294K.HEILIG AUT.Line of manipulation LP 150
37RV417VELKA STHALEScrapping machine for copper tube
38RV388WIRTHTube cutting machine
39RV484Bundle forming device 


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